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Dangerous Consumer Products and Mass Tort Marketing for Law Firms


Reach Your Ideal Consumer Product Mass Tort Clients With Help From LaFleur 

Most people associate mass tort claims with pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and motor vehicles, but the practice is much more diverse. In recent years, consumer product mass tort claims have involved a wide range of products, most recently involving talcum powder and inclined infant sleepers, like the Fisher-Price “Rock ‘n Play.”  

Other technologies, like dockless scooters, are also being assessed by some mass tort and product liability attorneys as a potential target. We carefully monitor CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) recall notices, looking for trends and potential causes of action 

Recalls sometimes seem like part of everyday life today. As a mass tort lawyer, you need to cut through the chatter without relying on scare tactics. At LaFleur, we help law firms reach and educate potential clients who have been harmed by defective and dangerous consumer products 

LaFleur has worked with personal injury and mass tort law firms since our founding. We’ve handled campaigns related to a variety of consumer product-related issues, including the current inclined infant sleeper claims and e-cigarette claims. 

When we work with mass tort and product liability clients, we offer comprehensive marketing and advertising services. We design, implement, and manage: 


We don’t build one-size-fits-all campaigns. Our content and advertising campaigns are customized and cost-effective, and they also build trust, inform readers, and generate trackable leads. When you work with LaFleur, you’ll get content and advertising that aligns with your law firm’s brand, targets your ideal clients, and maximizes your budget. 


Protect and Nurture Your Leads With Authentic, Approachable Content

According to a 2017 survey by the product recall management firm Stericycle Expert Solutions, there’s a generational gap when it comes to recalls and other consumer warnings. While baby boomers typically follow recall notices and are sensitive to consumer warnings, millennials are more prone to ignore these notices. In fact, 36% of millennials read a recall notice or consumer warning and then throw it away without any further action. 

To capture the attention of your ideal clients, you need compelling content and attention-getting ads that run on the right platforms. At LaFleur, our team of writers and advertising experts have years of experience translating complex legal topics into easy-to-read, empathetic language. We implement campaigns and assets that build trust, inform your potential clients, and encourage victims to provide contact information and schedule a consultation.  


LaFleur: Discover the Benefits of Customized Mass Tort Marketing 

If you’re ready for a fresh, personalized, targeted approach to your marketing campaigns related to defective consumer products, contact LaFleur today. We can audit your current strategies and find the most efficient avenues to get you more leads and cases. 

To chat with an expert from the LaFleur team today, fill out our online contact form or call us at (888) 222-1512. 



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