Law firm website hosting that’s secure, fast, and worry-free

Website hosting is something that law firms too often ignore—going with the cheapest option. However, cut-rate web hosts can leave with you with a brutally slow website that’s vulnerable to hackers. Now that Google and the other search engine algorithms are prioritizing user experience and website loading speeds—and data breaches are on the rise— you need a better option.

LaFleur’s website hosting services offer multilayered security and increase your website’s speed by 50 to 200%.

Why does law firm website hosting matter?

A web hosting service stores your website on its servers, making it accessible on the internet. Once you place your files, documents, and databases on a server and link it to a URL or domain name (like, the public can start visiting the site and learning about your law firm.

However, a web hosting service is more than a launching pad into the World Wide Web. Your website’s design and content are critical to its success, but hosting is a too-often neglected factor that affects your site’s security and user experience.

First, the quality of your web hosting service’s servers matters. If your law firm’s website shares a single, outdated, poorly optimized server stack with countless other websites, its page load speeds could become excruciatingly slow. If it takes longer than a blink of an eye (or so) to load your content, it’s not good enough.

Second, low-cost web hosting companies often prioritize market share and profitability over security. They might not implement cybersecurity best practices, monitoring systems, or backup protocols that offer multiple layers of protection and peace of mind. However, if your site is hacked or goes offline, you could lose millions in cases.

Consider these facts:

  • 29% of all law firms experienced a data breach in 2020.
  • There are an estimated 4,000 ransomware attacks every day.
  • Every second of page delay decreases consumer satisfaction by 16% and pageviews by 11%.
  • Google includes site speed in its Core Web Vitals, which assess your user experience and can affect your SEO performance.

A hacked website doesn’t evoke confidence—and neither does one that loads like it’s on a dial-up connection. If you choose the wrong hosting service, it will impact how search engines and your potential clients perceive your firm’s brand.

However, web hosting services should do a lot more than store your data. They also should do their best to keep it secure and streamlined.

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LaFleur’s approach to hosting exceeds expectations

Our clients’ websites are hosted on a leading-edge server system that goes far beyond the standard protocols you’ll see on other services. We’re proud to offer banking industry-level security systems and best-in-class server stacks that are significantly faster than the industry average.

That’s because our websites reside in an innovative managed hosting environment on the Google Cloud. All our clients’ sites are placed within isolated LXC software containers that are 100% private. We do not offer a shared hosting option, because it can lead to security challenges and page speed slowdowns.

Top security features

  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems identify threats and address them
  • Ransomware, malware, and DDoS detection and protection are included
  • Daily backups and AI-powered systems limit the impact of a ransomware attack
  • Plugins are scanned for security issues and patches are automatically managed
  • Custom SSL certifications come standard

Lightning-quick page speeds

  • Enjoy the fasted network in the world, Google Cloud.
  • Our innovative, managed, container-based approach lets you maintain your site’s privacy while enjoying the scalability of the cloud
  • Switching to LaFleur’s hosting option can increase your page speed by 50-200%– even without implementing any additional website improvements
  • Instead of bloated Apache servers, we use much-faster Nginx technology
  • Even if your newest social media post goes viral and your website is flooded with traffic, your website shouldn’t experience noticeable delays

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Spend less time worrying about your firm’s website and more time nurturing leads

If a lot of this sounds like technical gobbledy-goop, we understand. You went to school to practice law, not website development or web design. That’s why many leading firms rely on LaFleur’s team of highly educated, experienced website developers and IT professionals.

When you have questions about your website’s security or performance, you won’t have to wait on hold with customer support for hours, hoping that you’ll be connected with someone who can answer your questions. Instead, you’ll simply reach out to our Michigan-based team for answers.

Because we see ourselves as your digital marketing partner, and not a mere service provider, you should expect prompt, professional, and practical solutions and advice.

Looking for more than just web hosting? LaFleur has you covered

We’re not a web hosting company. LaFleur is a full-service marketing agency that connects lawyers with a team of website developers, designers, content and search engine optimization (SEO) strategists, and PPC experts. In addition to connecting your firm with best-in-class web hosting, we provide a variety of services, including:

Law firms and other highly regulated businesses have always been our focus. We understand the competitive nature of the legal industry, the ethical obligations you face, and what it takes to reach your ideal clients.

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