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Passive Lead Generation Strategies Result in Missed Opportunities

Having potential consumers call your healthcare organization after visiting your website is great, but it only happens after someone has already decided they need your help. What if you could actively put your organization in front of potential consumers before they need you? What if these potential consumers could, through their behavior, indicate they needed your help — perhaps even before they knew it themselves?

This is precisely the idea behind lead generation, and it lays the foundation for increasing the effectiveness and ROI of many other digital marketing services. LaFleur takes a holistic approach to healthcare marketing by placing equal emphasis on both lead generation and lead nurturing — because lead generation without nurturing results in squandered opportunities.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is any action that encourages your potential consumers to volunteer their contact information and identify their needs. We make use of both time-tested and innovative techniques to drive leads to your healthcare organization, and we use a variety of tools to track the sources of those leads. This allows us to provide you with a breakdown of cost per lead and cost per acquisition, which allows you to make smart decisions about your marketing spend.

Since nearly anyone could be (or become) a potential patient, member, or business contact, our initial goal is to cast a wide net for lead generation purposes. We want to capture the contact information of as many users as we can — especially in markets that other organizations are ignoring or don’t know about. Through our marketing efforts, potential consumers will learn about your healthcare organization and grow to see you as a leader in the healthcare industry, which in turn engenders trust and encourages recommendations.

Below are some noteworthy strategies for lead generation that have yielded positive results for our clients. They broadly fall under two main categories: digital marketing and public and media relations.

Digital Marketing

  • Making the Most of Inbound Phone Calls

We can help your organization find and acquire simple, memorable phone numbers to make it even easier for potential consumers to contact you. And even if a potential consumer isn’t ready to commit when they call, that doesn’t mean they won’t get there. We can set up tools for your staff to capture key contact information, which will allow you to continue marketing to those potential consumers and keep your healthcare organization in the forefront of their minds in case they become a more qualified lead later.

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Once your message and audience are well-defined, we can use tools like Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and other forms of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The ideal way to use this strategy is in concert with a free offer for an ebook, printed book or booklet, webinar invite, etc. Using the power of PPC ads, we drive potential consumers to dedicated landing pages where they provide their information and receive the asset you’re offering.

  • Content Marketing

High-quality, engaging content gets rewarded with high rankings from Google. In addition, social media users who identify with an article, video, or infographic are inclined to share it with others. By creating and promoting outstanding content, we present our users with abundant opportunities to identify themselves; when they do, we add them to our marketing database.

  • Utilizing Content Distribution Networks

Rather than just relying on organic search results, we also maintain relationships with organizations that will publicize our content on prominent news sites like CNN, FOX News, ABC,, U.S. News, and many others. Using this strategy, we can present your content in-line with articles from the news organizations themselves. This builds credibility by associating your brand with sources you and your potential consumers and business contacts trust.

  • Social Sharing and Advertising

Sharing content via social media outlets (like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others) creates opportunities for your followers to encounter, engage with, and share your content. Coupled with paid promotions, your healthcare organization’s social media presence can expand and target audiences that align with your ideal consumer persona.

  • Optimizing for Local Search

Claiming and maintaining local directory entries (including those found on Google, Bing, Yelp, and others) drives walk-in, call-in, and website traffic. A curated presence in local search helps your organization stand out with positive reviews and greater visibility.

  • Hosting Webinars

Offering free webinars to potential consumers, business contacts, and/or brokers creates an opportunity to share your experience and knowledge with the people who need it the most. At the same time, you help your audience understand your organization’s mission and demonstrate that you, your staff, and the caregivers within your alliance would provide excellent care and coverage.

Public and Media Relations

  • Contests and Giveaways

Creating contests and promotions using low-price, high-value giveaways (like branded flashlights, reference cards or booklets, coffee mugs, car phone chargers, etc.) in exchange for contact information can help grow your marketing list. High-value items like sports tickets or restaurant gift cards can likewise present an opportunity to garner new signups in exchange for a single, larger prize. Partnering with another local business can also allow your healthcare organization to share costs and/or receive a discount on the giveaway while offering increased visibility for both parties.

  • Charitable Partnerships and Donations

Offering donations to local, regional, and national charities helps your organization give back to the community while also empowering your audience to engage with and even contribute to worthy fundraising campaigns. Many nonprofits are eager to partner with businesses that are legitimately interested in their mission, and the members of your audience who engage with a campaign like this will often be the most vocal and visible advocates for your brand.

  • Presentations and Seminars

As with webinars, we can help you prepare, organize, and promote live presentations to a wide variety of audiences, including brokers, employers and HR representatives, the general public, and more. Promoting events through your website and social media in addition to more traditional means like local newspaper advertising will help you reach the widest audience possible. We can then track attendees and add them to your marketing database so they can receive future communications from your healthcare organization.

  • Educational Partnerships

Education is often at the center of effective lead generation strategies. Healthcare consumers want to be well-informed about whatever issue they face, and we want them to know about your organization’s knowledge, skills, experience, and innovations. Thus, relevant educational partnerships are often effective at list building. These partnerships could involve providing free educational materials, giving live presentations, or a variety of other activities.

  • Event Sponsorships

We can help you identify and capitalize on event sponsorship opportunities that align with the goals and ideals of your healthcare organization. We can also help you develop materials and processes to facilitate list building and follow-up related to these events.

Start Getting More — and Better — Leads With LaFleur

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We would love to discuss what strategies you’re currently using to bring in new leads and then provide insights as to how you can start getting more potential consumers reaching out to your organization.

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