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What Is Marketing Automation?

Predictive analytics, machine learning, data mining, and other remarkable innovations are being used in digital marketing to streamline processes and deliver more effective messages to consumers. These exciting trends come together under the umbrella of automation.

On the most basic level, marketing automation allows you to have one-on-one conversations with thousands of people at a time. As a result, marketing automation can drive a 451% increase in qualified leads for businesses.

How We Use Automation to Make Healthcare Marketing More Efficient

Automation has practical applications in many different areas of online marketing. Below are just three prominent examples of areas in which we use automation every day here at LaFleur:

  • Paid Advertising — Automation can be used to adjust bids in real-time, scrub keyword lists, and help PPC professionals make informed decisions based on data rather than intuition.
  • Social Media — Automation tools can disseminate social media posts based on a predetermined calendar, which allows social media specialists to focus their efforts on real-time responses and time-sensitive trending topics. Other tools will automatically populate social media posts when new content goes live on your website or aggregate data into easily digestible reports to analyze and improve performance.
  • Data Collection and Lead Scoring — Marketing automation tools can collect data based on users’ behavior, manage your list of contacts, assign scores to different actions, and more. Then, you can reach out directly to people who have been most active and not waste time and resources trying to follow up with individuals who aren’t engaged.

Automation has applications in many other contexts, from data aggregation to satisfaction surveys. But its potential involves much more than just making people more efficient and effective at their jobs. One of marketing automation’s most powerful applications is creating nuanced, personalized messaging.

Personalization: The Reason Marketing Automation Is Crucial for Your Healthcare Organization’s Success

Personalized, targeted marketing messages have become the expectation rather than the exception. Marketing automation helps you increase your reach exponentially while retaining the personalization and attention that each of your contacts expects and deserves. At LaFleur, we have the tools available to provide an outstanding personalized experience for your patients, staff, media contacts, and more — starting with their very first interaction with your healthcare organization.

We use marketing automation tools to build a huge database for you that catalogues not just contact information, but also individuals’ browsing behavior, demographic information, preferences, and much more. With this data, we can craft customized messages that truly resonate with the individual who is interested in your brand and use automation to send those messages out to a limitless number of contacts.

Here’s One Way Marketing Automation Can Work for Your Healthcare Organization

More and more of your potential patients are visiting your website long before they ever decide to call, email, or come to your location. They arrive in many ways: ads, organic search, your social media feed, word of mouth, and other methods.

While on your site, visitors can sign up for an offer (like receiving a free ebook, a bumper sticker, a webinar, etc.). When a visitor fills out a custom-designed form to receive that offer, our marketing automation software captures the information they submit as well as their browsing history on your site. Immediately, the software sends them a personalized thank-you message.

From there, the possibilities for nurturing that relationship through marketing automation are virtually limitless.

Below are some of the key marketing automation systems and strategies that LaFleur can put in place for your healthcare organization.

Email Marketing Automation

LaFleur can work with you to develop email campaigns centered around specific services, programs, and events.

For a potential patient who shows interest in receiving a free ebook about pregnancy and delivery, for example, we could send the materials they requested in an initial thank-you email. A week later, we could send an email about the different stages of pregnancy. A week after that, we can send them an email about important signs and symptoms to watch out for that may require medical attention. Next, we could send them information about your organization’s labor and delivery services. These messages will all be designed to establish trust and credibility, build a relationship between your organization and the potential patient, and keep you at the forefront of their minds.

Additionally, every message we send addresses the person by name, is professionally designed to align with your brand, and can even appear to come directly from a specific, personal inbox. We can send emails monthly, weekly, daily, or at any other interval. And once we create the emails for a campaign, you can use them repeatedly for any number of people who sign up.

By tracking browsing behavior (discussed further below), we can continually update and modify the email messaging sent to an individual as their preferences become clearer. For example, if that same potential patient or member comes back to your site and visits several pages related to breastfeeding, this action can trigger a follow-up email that talks specifically about that issue, common struggles that new mothers face, and the classes or services that your organization offers.

The content, messaging, design, and adaptability of automated emails can all be customized to perfectly suit your organization’s — and your contacts’ — needs.

Tracking Your Contacts’ Website and Email Behavior

After capturing contact information from, our powerful software can track individuals’ browsing behavior on your site and even within their own inbox. Using customizable lead scoring parameters, we can update the record of individual contacts to more accurately target their needs and interests and send them more relevant emails.

The powerful marketing automation tools that LaFleur has at our disposal also allow us to make your website display personalized messaging. This can lead visitors to more relevant, useful information on your site. It can encourage them to take a specific action, like signing up for a webinar. Or it can simply continue to build trust and cement their relationship with your practice, hospital, or organization.

Honing Messaging Based on Automation Analytics

Since the system tracks and logs engagement with campaigns, web pages, and individual emails, it becomes easy to determine which content is most effective and which content can be improved.

As more people engage with your site and your emails, we can collect and analyze more data to determine trends and help guide the customization of individual elements in your marketing automation strategy — like page structure, email messaging, design, lead scoring parameters, and more.

We can also apply these same tools and strategies to other audience segments to create positive, personal experiences that build trust; keep you in the minds of your patients, members, and business contacts; and maximize engagement.

Saving You Time by Automating Follow-Up

Marketing automation can also save your and your staff members’ time by handling follow-up with specific audiences. Rather than calling and emailing repeatedly for information (or answering the same questions), you can set up email automation tracks for things like:

  • Answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) at the outset of your relationship
  • Reminding individuals of upcoming appointments or events
  • Requesting updated information from your contacts at regular intervals
  • Sending surveys to see how you’re doing at important milestones in a patient’s or member’s journey
  • Asking for positive reviews and providing step-by-step instructions about how to leave those reviews on important platforms

If there is a task or communication that you spend time repeating, it can probably be automated to save you and your staff members time so you can focus on what matters most.

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