At LaFleur Legal Marketing, we pride ourselves on hiring uniquely talented individuals who are not only exceptionally adept at their primary roles and responsibilities but who are interested in growing and diversifying their skill sets. Below, we have outlined just a few of the positions that we are actively recruiting for.

Marketing Assistant

  • Gaining experience in a wide variety of digital marketing areas with the goal of specializing in a specific role
  • Seeking out personal and professional growth and development opportunities within a learning-friendly work culture
  • Implementing email marketing strategies by creating emails and newsletters, managing email lists and workflows, and analyzing data
  • Executing content marketing initiatives by posting and formatting blog and web content on WordPress sites
  • Coordinating marketing work by managing calendars as well as creating and monitoring tasks within larger project management systems

Social Media Specialist

  • Continually identifying current events, trending topics, new studies, and other content pieces that are relevant to each client’s brand, goals, and digital marketing strategy
  • Developing, updating, and monitoring reader-friendly social media schedules and calendars
  • Writing, editing, and/or designing engaging content- or design-focused social media posts targeted to specific audiences for a wide variety of social media platforms
  • Creating, claiming, updating, and/or optimizing clients’ social media profiles, directory pages, and other elements of their online digital persona and brand
  • Troubleshooting social media access issues with clients and other team members

Paid Advertising Specialist

  • Creating, launching, maintaining, and optimizing Bing Ads and Google AdWords platforms
  • Writing clever, compelling, and concise ad copy across several verticals
  • Designing landing pages that are user-friendly and effective, and designing banner ads for Display campaigns
  • Implementing unique and innovative elements of PPC campaigns, such as location targeting, keyword match types, and site extensions
  • Weekly reporting – CallRail, Raven, Google Analytics, etc.

Content Developer and Strategist

  • Researching and developing relevant, cutting-edge topics and ideas for our clients’ content needs based on their target audience and marketing goals
  • Researching and writing in-depth, comprehensive copy for use in specific media: blog, email, infographics, web pages, print materials, etc.
  • Revising, editing, and proofing the written work of those within our organization and our clients
  • Working closely with clients to incorporate their feedback and refine their content marketing strategy
  • Contributing to ongoing dialogues about content marketing strategy, copy guidelines, workflows, editorial ethics, and other issues relevant to our organization’s operations and mission

Account Representative

  • Interfacing and building rapport with clients to effectively communicate marketing strategies, seek approval and feedback for deliverables, address specific client needs or concerns, etc.
  • Overseeing and updating project management tasks to reflect status changes based on client communications and behavior
  • Collaborating closely across teams to clearly and concisely communicate client needs, goals, and feedback
  • Delivering and answering questions about monthly, quarterly, or yearly marketing reports for clients
  • Taking a sales-minded approach to identifying and nurturing upgrade opportunities for existing clients

Graphic Designer

  • Creating and updating engaging and/or interactive visuals for the web that can likewise be optimized for a variety of platforms and devices
  • Working across teams to coordinate and augment the relationship between copy strategies and visual aesthetics
  • Constructing visually appealing advertising assets that correspond with and accentuate existing client or in-house branding
  • Developing design-focused callouts on blogs, landing pages, and other customer engagement platforms
  • Offering insight from a design perspective regarding organizational strategies that relate to the larger mission of our company

If you would like to learn more about our current employment opportunities, please fill out the brief form below and make sure to select the position that aligns most closely with your qualifications and experience. We will send you an email with some more information about our organization and how to apply for our current openings. Keep in mind that this email may end up in your spam or junk folder.

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