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Today, your law firm’s digital presence can be impacted by countless factors: the quality of your content, the platforms you choose, and the skill of your marketing team. LaFleur carefully tracks digital marketing best practices, usage trends, and technology developments, looking for ways that we can improve law firms’ online visibility and boost their return on investment.

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Content Is Still King—But Consumers Are Looking for Something Different

In the past, lawyers could haphazardly pack keywords into their webpages and see results. Today, this strategy falls flat (thank goodness). Modern search algorithms and legal consumers want more than a mishmash of keywords—they want information-rich content that empowers and informs.

Modern content marketing focuses on three core essentials:

  • Meticulous research into your clients’ demographics and top concerns
  • Empathetic and legally accurate information that builds trust and educates legal consumers
  • Keyword and data analysis that frames your content strategy and ensures that you reach the right people

You can’t cut corners in this process and build a dominant content marketing strategy. That’s where LaFleur enters the picture.

LaFleur’s Content Goes Beyond “Best Practices”

Our content strategists and writers are compulsive researchers. Whether we’re digging into search trends, complex legal issues, or your clients’ unique perspective, we are committed to delivering the best possible content. Our team reads judicial opinions, tracks legislation and marketing trends, and loves to ask questions. All of this work pays off. Our content consistently shows up as featured snippets and on the first page of search results.

We Translate Digital Marketing’s Jargon Into Plain English

SEO, CTV, PPC, LSA, and CWV. Digital marketing has its own alphabet soup that can seem incomprehensible at first glance. We can help you cut through the jargon (and the chatter), understand what’s really important, and make a marketing plan that’s tailored to your firm’s needs. Here are a few trends that you should be following:
  • Core Web Vitals (CWV): Starting in 2021, Google began prioritizing user experience as part of their ranking system. Websites created with a “drag and drop” builder (like Squarespace or Wix) will likely be too slow and cumbersome to rank well under these new standards.
  • LSA (Local Service Ads): Lawyers can now take advantage of these “pay-per-conversion” ads on Google. Our clients are seeing a remarkable ROI on these ads, which are located above traditional PPC ads and organic listings on a search results page.
  • CTV (Connected TV Ads): Many of your ideal clients subscribe to streaming services like Hulu and Disney+. CTV ads cannot be skipped and are generally more affordable than traditional TV advertising.
  • Data Privacy: Your law firm’s marketing strategy might rely heavily on cookies, snippets of code that can track people who visit your website or social media profiles. However, as tech giants like Google and Apple begin to limit access to user data, you’ll need to reassess how you use and acquire this information.

Maintain and Expand Your Firm’s Competitive Edge

LaFleur’s developers and strategists can help you understand your current website and marketing plan’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, we will suggest ways that you can boost your marketing performance and profitability. Whether you have questions about new advertising formats, Google’s search algorithms, or how you can ensure your audience’s privacy, we can help you build a practical and data-driven solution. And because we value transparency, we’ll keep you informed at every step. We’re always monitoring our clients’ digital marketing efforts, refining them, and reporting back with meaningful data. This process of continual improvement is how we get real results.

LaFleur: A 2021 AAJ Platinum Sponsor and Your Trusted Marketing Partner

From the start, LaFleur has helped law firms become marketing successes. Our mission is to connect good lawyers with their ideal clients, and we work tirelessly to help firms like yours succeed. We’re proud of our work and are committed to transparency, data-driven methods, and long-term partnerships with our clients. If you’d like to learn more about our process and philosophy, call us at (888) 222-1512 or complete the form below.

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