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The Only Metrics That Matter: Clients and Cases

How can we clearly determine and report return on investment (ROI) for lawyers? Finding an answer to that question is challenging, and the solution is rarely neat and tidy. But with diligence and inquisitiveness, we have mapped potential client journeys, tracked their interactions, and built a model for legal marketing success. Throughout, we will help you do the following:

Determine whether your marketing efforts are effective at attracting actual clients.

Analyze how your marketing budget correlates with new client acquisition.

Understand your potential clients and how they pursue legal services.

Improve your marketing efforts to more effectively target your ideal audience and increase ROI.

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"...a comprehensive guide..."

"...practical information, examples, and anecdotes..."

"...This helpful guide explains in simple terms not only why, but also how..."

"LaFleur breaks down what it takes to take my law firm to the next level..."

"Informative and insightful."


digital marketing for law firms

Even before your clients retain you, they're researching you online. If your digital marketing presence isn't compelling and easy to find, you're going to miss out on a lot of business. But many attorneys don't have the time to research every single marketing tactic and craft a strategic plan from scratch. That's why we wrote this book.

Digital Marketing for Law Firms provides practical, real-world advice from nationally recognized legal marketing experts. In this comprehensive resource, we provide checklists, examples, and step-by-step guides that can help you create a website, build your brand, and connect with your ideal clients.

LaFleur has been, since day one, a legal marketing agency. We understand the unique challenges that law firms face and how to speak to their clients at every step of their journey. Now, we're sharing our insight with you.


As you read, you’ll gain the expertise and confidence you need to make smart decisions, identify the best partner, review proposals, and assess their performance.

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About The Author

Chip LaFleur became involved in website development early on when he used a dialup connection to explore the bulletin board system (a precursor to the World Wide Web). Soon, he was learning HTML and building websites. While working for an advertising agency, Chip became convinced that digital marketing’s trackability made it more effective and powerful than traditional marketing platforms. He began to focus more on data-driven digital solutions.

In 2015, Chip founded LaFleur. The Grand Rapids-based marketing agency has focused on legal marketing from the beginning, helping law firms nationwide build effective marketing plans, empower their communities, and reach their ideal clients. LaFleur quickly became a recognized name in the legal and digital marketing industries.  Today, the agency focuses on digital marketing for professional services, with deep specializations in heavily regulated industries like legal, healthcare, and financial services.

In his spare time, Chip loves spending time with his wife and sons, building things out of wood and metal, and being outdoors.


Learn how to cut through all the marketing noise and understand your law firm's marketing return on investment


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Andy Citrin

Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys


""Digital Marketing for Law Firms" is a comprehensive guide on how to create and build an engaging online campaign to attract new clients. A must read for any lawyer who is serious about growth in this highly competitive environment. Well done, Chip LaFleur!"

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Amanda Narvaes

Drew Cooper & Anding

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"This helpful guide explains in simple terms not only why, but also how, to adopt internet marketing strategies that will result in a return on investment for your law firm. Digital Marketing for Law Firms is broken down into 17 easily digestible chapters. My (non-legal!) advice? It’s worth the purchase just for the opportunity to read and implement the steps described in the first chapter, on building a brand, and the sixth chapter, on writing online content that will turn potential clients into your clients."


Matthew R. Myers

Myers Law Firm, PLLC

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"Informative and insightful. Chip has taken what he has learned from his years of experience and put that information in an easy to understand format that provides answers to what works in digital marketing."

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Thomas A. Crosley

Crosley Law Firm, PC


"This book is a continuation of Chip’s mission to educate lawyers about the power of digital marketing. In it, you’ll find detailed information about how to

  • build your law firm’s brand
  • create a website
  • and connect with people through:
    • compelling blogs
    • ad campaigns
    • social media platforms

The text is filled with practical information, examples, and anecdotes. Even after many years of working with Chip and his team, I learned some new things while reading it.

Even if you decide to hire an agency to build and implement your digital marketing plan, Digital Marketing for Law Firms is a valuable tool. As you read, you’ll gain the expertise and confidence you need to make smart decisions, identify the best partner, review proposals, and assess their performance...."

- Book Forward

Kari Santana

Kari Santana

Law Office of Kari Santana


"LaFleur breaks down what it takes to take my law firm to the next level. This book offers practical guidance to law firms of all sizes, but I especially like that the solo practitioner can implement these strategies and tips."

Digital Marketing for Law Firms:

The Secret to Getting More Clients and Better Cases

With help from LaFleur, your law firm will be empowered and make better digital marketing decisions. We explain complex topics in plain English, helping you make wiser decisions about your marketing budget. You'll learn how to:

Build a law firm brand that expresses your value and connects with legal consumers

Write content that attracts readers year after year

Invest in PPC and social media advertising that gets results

Foster brand ambassadors who champion your firm

Create visual content and video that connects with your leads

Select the right KPIs to assess your marketing plan's performance


Trial Guides Book DigitalMarketing

This simple fact leads us to the purpose of this book. We know you don’t like spending your marketing budget on tactics that don’t produce ROI. Many of our clients come to us after they’ve sunk money into strategies that didn’t pan out. We don’t beat ourselves up over every experiment that doesn’t succeed. Instead, we learn from every tactic and initiative, whether it delivers results or fails, and we’ve been learning with law firms from across the United States.