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Stop wasting your time and money on websites and marketing campaigns that don’t work. Our experts will complete a comprehensive analysis of your website and marketing playbook, and we’ll offer practical ways to improve your performance and ROI. 

We help law firms across the country build data-driven strategies and marketing plans that get real results, using our CLEAR Marketing Process™.

A strategy that takes the guesswork out of legal marketing

We take a different approach than most legal marketing agencies. Our CLEAR Marketing Process(tm) is a data-driven, proven roadmap to success that focuses on continual improvement and marketing best practices.

That’s why so many lawyers turn to LaFleur.

We help our clients clearly articulate their marketing goals, differentiate themselves from the pack, and build systems that ensure that everyone who connects with them—whether online, in person, or over the phone—have an experience that reinforces their law firm’s reputation.

Create your law firm brand
and marketing strategy

The best lawyers and marketers embrace critical thinking and strategy. We use proven techniques that can define your law firm’s brand, introduce a new firm or practice area, and enhance your messaging and reach.
This isn’t an easy process. It takes a lot of introspection, critical thinking, buy-in from your team, and clear and enforceable processes. However, when done well, our Create solution delivers undeniable results, setting you apart from the competition.

Crosley Law, a personal injury firm in San Antonio, Texas, experienced a 449% increase in organic website traffic when we helped them rebrand and rebuilt their website.

Launch your law firm marketing

Every digital marketing strategy needs a strong foundation, and our Launch solution delivers. We can help you articulate your firm’s brand and create a website that both the algorithms and your ideal clients love.

Throughout the process, we’ll keep you informed and engaged. You’ll enjoy regular status updates and have chances to review your new website’s elements, brainstorm about your firm’s identity, and provide feedback.
Organic traffic on Bryant Legal Group’s website improved 115% after their new site launched.

Expand your law firm

Your clients are hungry for information and insight; one of the most effective ways to build meaningful connections is through content. But content is more than a blog—it also includes video, infographics, and any other asset that informs and educates.

Thoughtful content that speaks to people at every stage of their journey—whether they’re still trying to handle their own claim or are a satisfied client or potential referral source—puts your firm on their radar and establishes your firm as someone they can trust.

We built Bryant Legal Group, a disability insurance litigation firm in Chicago, a robust content strategy that focused on its clients’ biggest concerns and issues. The firm experienced a 971% increase in visits to its blog—and earned more than 30 featured snippets and 126 “People Also Ask” designations on Google.

Amplify your law firm for continued growth

Social media and paid advertising can broaden your audience and boost your brand awareness. We help our clients develop compelling, cost-effective campaigns that keep them at the top of their audiences’ minds.

We keep a finger on the pulse of current trends and best practices, improving your ads’ ROI and meeting your leads where they are. And our experts focus on the campaigns’ long-term success so you can focus on helping others. 

I want to thank LaFleur and all the team members. We have used their services for several years. They are responsive to requests and quickly take action on new projects. They are honest and open and go above and beyond what other marketing companies provide. I am happy to give a five-star review of their services.

-Stanley Block, S.H. Block Tax Services

Refine your law firm

You can’t define success without data, but you don’t have time to track your website’s, advertising campaigns’, and blog’s performance. Instead, you’re busy focusing on your practice and your clients’ unique needs. 

Agile marketing plans get better results. Using our AAA process, we continually look for opportunities to improve your strategies, and adjust when needed. Just as importantly, we’ll provide regular marketing reports to your firm, so you have clear visibility into your digital marketing performance, goals, and KPIs. 

Their business-relationship model is one that every business should strive to achieve. They’ve been a huge asset to our firm and the growth that we’ve had over the last year.

– Whitney Cadwell, Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys

LaFleur can help attract and convert your law firm’s ideal clients

Tom Crosley takes the same approach to digital marketing that he uses with a complex personal injury claim: He does the research, consults with trusted experts, and builds strategies that are trial-tested and data-driven. So, when he was looking for a new marketing partner, his choice was easy. “LaFleur’s approach mirrors mine,” he says.

Our team spent time getting to know Crosley Law, their clients, and the firm’s goals. Then, we built a marketing strategy that aligned with best practices and Crosley Law’s unique needs. This included new brand guidelines, a well-optimized website and designed with their clients in mind, and other tools that helped provide a better and more consistent client experience.

This strong foundation led to real results. In just one year, Crosley Law’s key performance indicators skyrocketed:


increase in organic traffic to their website


increase in the law firm’s tracked leads


increase in their conversion rate

However, for both Crosley Law and LaFleur, nothing compares to connecting with someone in need and helping them get the compensation they deserve.

Crosley Law’s website converts a multimillion-dollar lead.

A young man was hit by a commercial driver while walking home from work. He suffered severe injuries, including head trauma. His family quickly began looking for help with his legal claims. After a word-of-mouth suggestion, a father of the injured young man searched online for Crosley Law. 

As they explored the firm’s website, the family was impressed by its voice, tone, and the quality of its content. They scheduled an initial consultation, and their in-person experience was just as good as their online interactions. Crosley Law consistently expressed its skill, intelligence, and commitment to its clients. The family never looked back.  

Thanks to Tom’s hard work and dedication, they settled their son’s claim for $9,000,000—the largest mediated settlement in Texas that year. (To hear more about the family’s story, check out Crosley Law’s video.) 

“When people visit my website, they get a clear understanding of who we are and what makes us exceptional,” Crosley notes. “LaFleur’s approach to website fundamentals has helped us broaden our reach and help more people. I’m thankful for their partnership with my firm.” 

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Our experts will complete a comprehensive analysis of your website and marketing playbook, and we’ll offer practical ways to improve your performance and ROI. 

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