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What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing should be the foundation of any company’s marketing strategy. Regularly producing timely, relevant content will draw in new customers, engage with your current customer base, promote your brand, create opportunities to showcase your product or service, and so much more.

So what is content marketing, and what makes LaFleur’s content management services exceptional?

Broadly, content marketing involves creating and distributing original assets in the form of blog articles, website copy, social media posts, email campaigns, email newsletters, ebooks, digital whitepapers, and more. This content plays a critical role in attracting new and repeat customers, but it needs to be well-researched, helpful to your audience, and interesting to read.

All of your content marketing efforts and assets should work together to increase your visibility online and position you as a trusted source of useful information.

Below are some noteworthy content marketing and management services we offer to our clients:

  • Blog Content Marketing
  • Website Content Management
  • Infographics
  • Whitepapers and Ebooks

What Sets LaFleur’s Content Marketing Services Apart?

In the past, people often used the term “content marketing” to describe the practice of churning out post after post in order to bombard site visitors and search engines with reams of keyword-heavy pieces that lacked any real substance. The sophisticated algorithms in modern search engines don’t reward these efforts anymore, though; in fact, many of the top search engines actively punish sites that distribute and promote low-quality, “spammy” content.

At LaFleur, we use forward-thinking strategies that are based on current best practices and exciting innovations in the content marketing world. We position our clients for search engine and lead generation success by creating high-quality, thoroughly-researched assets that deliver lasting value.

Using best practices and data-driven innovation, we base our content marketing strategies on four cornerstones of service:

1. Exceptional Writers and Editors

Our writers and editors have the skills, experience, and research savvy to discover relevant topics and emerging stories that relate to your business and industry. We turn those topics into engaging, professional content that you’ll want to share with your customers and peers.

Our extensive knowledge of digital marketing best practices and our hands-on experience working with businesses across the country have given us a strong base of knowledge to draw from as we create new content for our clients. And we’ll always work closely with you to make sure our deliverables align with your company’s goals, voice, and branding.

From brainstorming new ideas for your blog to strategically promoting finished material for maximum impact and visibility, you’ll be able to entrust every stage of content creation to our team. With the effort and care that goes into each piece we create for you, you and your team can save time and focus on what matters most to you.

2. Offering a Diverse Range of Content

Today, your audience interacts with content in a dizzying and ever-expanding array of media channels and digital venues. Every new form of media creates fresh opportunities for contact with potential customers, which is why LaFleur stays fluent in a wide variety of established and emerging platforms in order to make sure your content reaches the right audience in the right setting for maximum impact.

For prospective customers searching for in-depth content, we write compelling, well-researched, and comprehensive blog articles, product or service pages, and ebooks. We also create personalized email content that can be sent to individuals, to everyone who has had contact with your company, or to any number of segments in-between.

To reach the members of your audience that respond best to visual engagement, we can research, write, and design informative and accessible infographics. We can also produce and edit video clips that can be used for anything from answering FAQs to headlining your homepage.

To make sure that print media and online publications know about your important news and developments, we write, publish, and disseminate professional press releases to promote your company’s activity.

We can also translate any of our digital content into print to reach audiences that still respond best to ink and paper. From informational pamphlets and newsletters to industry-quality, perfect-bound paperback or hardcover books, we can create printed marketing materials that make sense for your company and your target audience.

At our core, we are entrepreneurs at LaFleur — we enjoy taking on new challenges, finding ways to innovate, and helping our clients achieve their goals. We have written call scripts for customer service personnel, developed video scripts for TV ads, collaborated with clients to create opinion pieces for newspapers, and much more.

We are constantly investigating new ways to help you reach out to potential customers, promote your brand, and stay in touch with your audience — especially in geographical or digital markets that your competitors overlook. Whether it’s podcasting, creating YouTube videos, or launching an Instagram account, we can pursue the ideas that work for your company and lead to a positive, measurable ROI.

3. Integrating Content Marketing with Other Services

While creating outstanding materials is the foundation of effective content marketing, your potential customers also need to find those materials. By using search engine optimization (SEO), managing social media profiles, utilizing email marketing, creating pay-per-click campaigns, and more, we draw potential customers to your content and get them to convert.

4. Simple Rights Management

The best part of our content management services is that everything we create for you is yours to keep — no strings attached. It’s that simple.

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