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Pro Bono Web Migration Case Study: Tyson’s Place

LaFleur gives Tyson’s Place, a non-profit that helps terminally ill people and their pets, a new, free website to help with their greatest needs.

Tyson’s Place: Helping Terminally Ill People and Their Beloved Animals

Tyson’s Place is a non-profit organization helping terminally ill people in Michigan find new homes for their pets. The organization is named after its founder Jill Bannink-Albrecht’s rescued tabby cat, Tyson. A shelter had scheduled Tyson for euthanasia due to his “advanced” age of five years. This experience made Jill realize that both people and pets deserve love and respect no matter where they are in their life’s journey.

LaFleur’s Commitment to Volunteering

Community engagement is a vital part of our mission. Each month, we encourage staff to take time out of their work schedules to volunteer. In early 2018, Marketing Strategist Jane Newton suggested putting our skills to use helping an amazing non-profit organization build a brand new website.

Tyson’s Place prides itself on “Rescue Done Right.” It focuses on rescues’ emotional and physical health, giving the animals the tools needed for a successful adoption and transition into a new home. Because they frequently foster older animals, the non-profit spends significant resources on veterinary care and other special needs.

Tyson’s Place Struggles with an Outdated and Hard-to-Use Website

Unfortunately, the original Tyson’s Place website wasn’t very user-friendly, and it quickly became outdated. Visitors struggled to find the donate button. The application forms for fostering and adoption were unwieldy. It was poorly optimized, and people had to leave the website to view animals that were available for adoption. To make matters worse, the website was on a platform that Jill couldn’t use.

Jill was concerned that Tyson’s Place was losing out on donations and prospective foster and adoptive families because of the website’s poor visibility.

LaFleur Marketing Builds a New, Improved Site — For Free

Jill met with our design and content teams and began outlining her goals for a new site. They included:

Improved calls to action for donations and applications

Integration of the Petfinder app into the website

Streamlined forms for adoptions and fostering

A blog and FAQ section that reported the non-profit’s policies and success stories

A modern fit and feel for the outdated website

We quickly went to work.

We transitioned Tyson’s Place to an intuitive WordPress site that drove traffic towards donations and applications. Our content and design teams rewrote and created new pages, including a blog with adoption success stories. The application experience was improved with customized, easy-to-use forms. And, with a little creativity and hard work, we integrated the Petfinder app into their new site.

When all was said and done, Tyson’s Place had a modern, optimized website that encourages users to donate, adopt, and/or foster.

Jill and the others at Tyson’s Place were thrilled when they got a chance to see it after our 2-month build:


“Thank you for the amazing website! We are so grateful for the work of your team. It looks wonderful!”

Tyson’s Place Experiences an Increase in Traffic and Donations

In addition to improved aesthetics, Tyson’s Place also experienced increased traffic and community interest. According to Google Analytics, 1,432 users have visited the organization’s new website since its launch in April 2018. More than 41% of its traffic is organic and the website has an excellent bounce rate (roughly 37%).

More importantly, Jill has noticed an increase in online inquiries and received 25% more donations since the new website launched.