Where Is Your Marketing Spend Going? What Is Your Agency Up To?

By LaFleur | July 10, 2015

Whether your car is in the shop or you’re waiting for final deliverables from a third-party agency – most of the actual work that other…

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The Necessity of Transparency in Digital Marketing

By Chip LaFleur | July 6, 2015

The vast majority of lawyers approach digital marketing with great trepidation. Because of their dedication to learning their craft and the time-consuming process involved in…

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Optimizing Your YouTube Videos for Impact: Titles and Descriptions

By Tiffany | June 24, 2015

Everyone is on YouTube these days, right? Type anything you could possibly think of in the search box, and I guarantee a video addressing that…

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optimize web content

Writing for the Web: Using Bulletgraphs to Optimize Web Content

By Kyle McCarthy | June 9, 2015

By now we are all aware that people do not read Internet content the way that they do newspapers, magazines, or novels. Unlike those forms…

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Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web: Crafting Headlines and Crapping Convention

By Kyle McCarthy | June 3, 2015

When creating great content for your website, from blog posts to landing pages, the first thing’s first: writing a headline. Let’s just hurry up and…

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Military Appreciation

A Veteran’s Take on Military Appreciation Month

By Chip LaFleur | May 15, 2015

As a veteran of the United States Army, Military Appreciation Month is always a time that creates mixed emotions. On the one hand, there are…

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Content marketing

Content Marketing Nuances: Double vs. Single Quotation Marks

By LaFleur | May 12, 2015

Relatively speaking, punctuation is a fairly new development in the history of writing. The problem with including punctuation, paragraph breaks, or any graphemes not undeniably…

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writing for the web

Writing for the Web: Caressing the Counterintuitive

By Kyle McCarthy | May 5, 2015

Read this. Blah, Blah, Blah… My first job out of grad school was blogging about health and wellness for a failing online startup company. I…

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