Why We Became Google Partners: A Legal Marketing Benchmark

At LaFleur , we love our clients. In fact, we often care about our clients too much, resulting in projects that run into the red and translate to unbilled hours. When asked what to do in these circumstances, our CEO Chip LaFleur asks, “Is it in the client’s best interest? If it is, we need to do it.”

In April of this year, LaFleur decided that it would be in our current and future clients’ best interest to become official partners with Google. The Google Partnership program is a benchmark of success that certifies a company’s understanding of the advertising tools available as well as best practices regarding paid advertising in the Google network.

Why should this matter to you? When it comes to determining your marketing assets, you have many options to choose from, but we feel that you deserve the best. That is, you deserve to be in business with a team that cares enough about the quality of their deliverables to achieve this standard.

Here are the benefits that working with a Google Partner can provide for a law firm:

1. A Proven Track Record of Success: To become a Google Partner and earn the official Google Partner badge, we had to prove to Google that our business is healthy, that our clients are happy, and that we are committed to following the best practices for their campaigns.

2. Being Easily Accessible: Having earned the privilege of being listed within the Google Partner search, Lafleur Legal Marketing is a recognized and trusted resource for businesses looking to leverage their Google AdWords efforts. Therefore, law firms seeking out resources to increase their presence on Google, build brand awareness, and take advantage of strong content marketing will be able to find our team easily.

3. Access to the Latest Information: As a Google Partner, we now have access to special events, training, industry research, product updates, and the Google Partner community. We are also granted access to AdWords promotions for our prospective and existing clients. Access to this information results in better performing programs and up-to-date strategies that will produce a higher return on investment for our clients.

4. Expertise: By working with a Google Partner, your firm knows that the company you’ve entrusted with your marketing dollars has certified professionals building your campaigns and monitoring their success.

5. Transparency: Firms that work with a Google Partner can directly file complaints with Google if their legal marketing agency is not meeting expectations or fulfilling obligations. At LaFleur Legal Marketing, we take pride in our transparency and our ability to deliver outstanding marketing deliverables.

As you can tell, we are very excited to have earned this rare distinction! This is one of many steps our team is implementing to ensure that our clients receive the top-tier service they deserve. Paid advertising is one of many tools that we use in conjunction with a holistic approach to marketing your firm online. Combined with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy designed to provide the right content at the right time, paid advertising is a powerhouse that drives future clients to your site and to your office.

In light of this exciting development, we will be utilizing our blog to take an in-depth look at paid ad strategies as they pertain to Google and Social Media. This upcoming four-part series will help demystify Google AdWords and provide legal professionals with a glimpse into some of the amazing tools that have a proven return on investment.

And to our current clients: thank you for your ongoing trust and support; we could not have reached this milestone without it!

Chip Lafleur

Chip is an entrepreneur, organizational leader, and marketing expert who combines experience in web development, marketing tactics, strategy, and team leadership with a strong ability to harness talent and hone complex concepts into concrete deliverables.