Tyson’s Place: How Building a Better Website Helps Everyone

At LaFleur Marketing, we love our furry family members. It’s not uncommon to find a dog or two or three at the office. Because we understand the deep connection between animals and people, we were honored to work with Tyson’s Place, a Michigan animal rescue organization. Together, we developed a new and improved website for the organization—and were reminded of the power of community engagement.

We Embrace Volunteerism as Part of Our Mission

Marketing is about connecting people together. At LaFleur, our team is passionate about collaboration—both with our clients and with our communities. We’re proud to have an internal culture of volunteerism and community activism.

A simple belief that our company has an obligation to do good has become a vital part of our mission. Each month, our team takes time to volunteer. We’ve worked with organizations such as Kid’s Food Basket, Well House, and Slow Food West Michigan.

Why do we do this? The better question is, “why not?” Empowering your staff’s volunteerism has numerous benefits. You can:

  • Help at-risk members of your community and improve its resources
  • Broaden your team’s awareness of unmet needs
  • Build valuable relationships within your community
  • Increase workplace morale
  • Foster teambuilding

Research also suggests that people who regularly volunteer live happier, healthier, and longer lives.

As part of our volunteering initiative, we’re also challenging other businesses to join us. We believe that you’ll see benefits from workplace volunteerism: better relationships, increased productivity, and improved engagement. Plus, you’ll make a positive impact on your community while building brand awareness.

Tyson’s Place: Helping Terminally Ill Pet Owners Through a Difficult Transition

Tyson’s Place is a remarkable organization. Its founder, Jill Bannink-Albrecht, passionately believes that all people and animals deserve respect, compassion, and kindness, regardless of their age. Inspired by her experiences with rescuing senior pets, Tyson’s Place fosters animals whose terminally-ill owners can no longer care for them. This gives the owners peace of mind, saves the animals from the threat of euthanasia at a shelter, and helps them peacefully transition into a new, adoptive family.

The non-profit prides itself on “Rescue Done Right.” They provide their animals with holistic care by tending to their physical, emotional, and behavioral needs. This is particularly important after the trauma of separating from a beloved human companion. It does not house its foster animals in an institutional shelter or facility. Instead, the animals live with foster families who open their doors and hearts to them during a difficult transition.

And because many of the organization’s foster animals are older, they frequently need significant veterinary care, specialized diets, and daily medications. This standard of care involves a lot of time, money, and volunteers—but the dedicated team at Tyson’s Place knows that it’s worth it.

An Outdated Website Restricts the Non-Profit’s Reach

Unfortunately, the Tyson’s Place website was outdated and poorly structured. Users were not able to easily find information about donating, adopting, or fostering. They could not view adoptable animals unless they left the website. And the website was on a platform that Jill couldn’t even use. Tyson’s Place was concerned that it was missing out on loving volunteers and helpful donations due to their inadequate web presence.

Our Pet-Loving Marketing Team Builds Tyson’s Place a New Website

Years ago, LaFleur’s Marketing Strategist Jane Newton became involved with Tyson’s Place. Initially, she fostered Stella and Spike, two 12-year-old Labrador retrievers that needed a home together. Over time, she fell in love with the pair and adopted them. After Stella and Spike passed away, Jane remained a dedicated animal advocate. She is currently training a Paws With A Cause® dog, Nigel.

When Jane had a chance to suggest a LaFleur volunteer project, she immediately suggested building a new website for Tyson’s Place. After meeting with Jill and learning more about the organization, the LaFleur content and website teams jumped into action.

Over a period of two months, we:

  • Held an in-depth discovery session with Tyson’s Place to determine their goals and vision for the website
  • Designed a modern, user-friendly website for Tyson’s Place that quickly helped readers find opportunities to donate, adopt, or foster
  • Built the new website on the user-friendly WordPress platform
  • Integrated the Petfinder app into the new website, streamlining the experience for adoption applicants
  • Improved the website’s digital forms
  • Created new content and web pages for the site, including a new blog
  • Covered the costs of web and domain hosting for the upcoming year

At the end of the process, Tyson’s Place had a professional website that targeted its greatest needs: donations, adoptions, and foster applications.

Jill explained, “Our website gives us so much more credibility. The design is so wonderful, yet so simple and easy to read! This is something we would never have been able to afford for ourselves, and it just looks so great. It will really make us stand out.”


Let’s Build a Better World Together!

If you’re interested in collaborating with LaFleur Marketing’s volunteer initiatives or want to learn more about our core values, contact us online or at 888-222-1512 today. We’re always looking for ways to partner with non-profit organizations that reflect our commitment to community building, transparency, and respect.


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Leigh Ebrom is content director at LaFleur, a digital marketing agency that specializes in highly regulated industries. She earned her J.D. in 2003 from Valparaiso University School of Law and now uses her experience to connect firms and consumers nationwide. Leigh co-authored Digital Marketing for Law Firms: The Secrets to Getting More Clients and Better Cases with Chip LaFleur in 2020.