The Magic of Leap Day (and How It Translates to Digital Marketing)

I’m a Leapling — a baby born on Leap Day. Yes, that means I only get a birthday every four years. This year, I will celebrate my 32nd trip around the sun, but only my eighth birthday.

February 29 typically doesn’t get a second thought from people not born on Leap Day. People often tell me they didn’t even know people were born on Leap Day. Or, they ask, “When is your real birthday?” Sometimes, the fact that I’m a Leapling is the only thing people remember about me, which means we only connect every four years. It makes the day pretty special.

In 2012, NBC’s hit show 30 Rock aired a Leap Day episode. The show portrays Leap Day as a magical holiday, complete with a Santa Claus-like character named Leap Day William who wears the traditional Leap Day colors of blue and yellow and trades children’s tears for candy. The moral of the 30 Rock episode is that on Leap Day, you can take risks and live life to the fullest.

“[It’s] a day to do the things you wouldn’t ordinarily do — to take chances,” exclaims one character.

I couldn’t agree more. Leap Day is a bonus day we all get every four years, and there’s no better time to seize the day and make the most of it.

Here at LaFleur, we want you to try and live your best life this Leap Day. So, take a short Leap Day journey with us and dream big about what digital marketing could do for your business.

The Magic and Possibilities of Digital Marketing

Take a moment to think about all the possibilities and opportunities digital marketing can bring for your business. Just for a few minutes, set aside any objections and constraints you might have. Imagine how you could meet all your business and sales goals in the following categories:

Updated Branding and Logo

When you think of everything you want your brand and company to stand for, what do you think of? Do your logo, website design, business cards, and building signage reflect that vision? If not, imagine how you might update your brand. What would your logo look like, and what would it convey? How would it affect the way others see and experience your business?

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Marketing Automation

Imagine what you and your sales team could do with marketing communications and sales follow-up processes that were partially or fully automated. Would you spend the extra time chasing new leads, attending networking events, growing other parts of your business, or taking that well-deserved vacation?

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Video Production

Think about how video content on your website and social media platforms could engage your target audience. Consider that the average user spends 88% more time on a website that has video, and viewers on average retain 95% of video information compared to 10% retention for text content.

With that in mind, what kind of videos would you create and share: client success stories, customer testimonials and reviews, a virtual tour of your facility, or explanations of complex topics?

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Social Media

What would your business look like with a larger social media presence? Whom could you reach, and whom could you engage to create a meaningful dialogue? A robust social media presence and strategy gives you the platform to draw users to your brand, educate potential customers about your products or services, and talk about events in your community.

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Paid Digital Advertising

What if you could target your ideal client based on location, interests, and online behavior? Paid digital advertising can be a game-changer for any business. With trackable and actionable data, paid digital advertising can get you the most bang for your marketing buck and grow your business quickly.

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“Real Life is for March,” and LaFleur Is Your Real-Life Digital Marketing Partner

At the end of this quirky 30 Rock episode, Leap Day William encourages everyone to always remember the spirit and magic of Leap Day while another character declares, “Real life is for March.”

Soon, it will be March, and you’ll be back to your real life. You might still feel inspired by your Leap-Day dreams of digital marketing, but you may not know how to bring them to life. That’s where we come in.

LaFleur is your forward-thinking digital marketing partner. We can help you take your digital marketing fantasies and make them a reality through a strategy-first, data-driven approach.
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