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Episode 7 – "PPC, Yeah You Know Me!" (Rebroadcast)

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most difficult areas of digital marketing for most attorneys to understand, which is why we delved into the Legal Marketing Radio archives to bring you a rebroadcast of our journey into the world of PPC from Episode 7. You can use the player below to listen here, or you can head over to our SoundCloud page or the iTunes store to download and subscribe to the podcast.

Legal Marketing Radio is a podcast that covers legal marketing tips and strategies (courtesy of the experts at LaFleur) as well as news, trends, and cutting-edge innovations in the overlapping spheres of legal, digital, and content marketing.

In this rebroadcast episode, Kyle and Sowmya from the LaFleur team join host Steven Thomas Kent to demystify pay-per-click advertising and explain how to run successful PPC campaigns on limited budgets. As a bonus, since this was one of the podcast’s earlier episodes, we remastered the episode to improve the sound quality a bit compared to when it originally aired.

Check back next month for a new episode of Legal Marketing Radio, and thanks for tuning in!