Photo Fun: The LaFleur Legal Marketing Team

LaFleur Legal Marketing is a close team. We communicate daily, hold weekly brainstorming meetings, have our own internal social network, and are good friends. However, much of the work we currently do is accomplished remotely using a host of powerful collaborative tools. We do make an attempt to get everyone together in person at least once a month, to share our family updates and stories, and maybe get some drinks or lunch. We feel it’s important to stay connected as a group beyond just work hours, but work seems to always come up as a topic of light conversation. Yes, we really are that passionate. Or nerdy. Or both.

Recently, we had the opportunity to mix a little business with pleasure and meet up at the beautiful Cheney Place in Grand Rapids: a fun, vintage warehouse available for weddings, receptions, and more. But we were also there with a work goal in mind – taking headshots for our snazzy webpage.

Steph Harding of Steph Harding Photo is known for her unique beverage-based pictures and often photographs amidst the Grand Rapids and Michigan beer scene. I had worked with her many times before on various food-based freelance projects, and her easygoing demeanor and natural style with a little pop seemed perfect for our eclectic marketing team.

We all met up in the big, beautiful warehouse per Steph’s suggestion, taking the old freight elevator up to the third floor. Chip, Sarah, and I came with babies in tow, and they contentedly settled down as we got ready to shoot. Perhaps “contentedly” isn’t quite the right word. It was more like they were constantly distracted by all the people, camera flashes, and goings-on. Regardless, they were well-behaved babies.

In usual Steph fashion, our headshots and various other pictures were completed in a timely and entertaining manner. After gathering the babes and allowing the gents to shrug off their suit coats and loosen their ties, we all decided a celebratory lunch was in order.

Heading to the Downtown Market, we shared cheese and charcuterie, drinks and conversation. Dave VandeWaa managed to capture some candid photos of the day, and we thought we’d share them with you here.

We’re looking forward to seeing the finished photos from Steph. If our experience that day is any reflection of the end result, we are certain they’ll be fantastic.