Paid Advertising: The Human Element

paid advertising

Search engine advertising interfaces, along with social media marketing platforms, have provided us with innovative, unprecedented methods for reaching our targeted audiences with creative, organized, and optimized campaigns. The cupboards are stocked, and the tools are at our disposal. Now it is up to us to take advantage of the opportunities we have been given—opportunities that will be wasted if we don’t have the diligence, dedication, skill, and enthusiasm necessary to leverage their full potential. Whether you’re attempting to bolster your law firm’s marketing efforts on your own or working with a partner agency like LaFleur, it’s important to get the most out of PPC efforts; after all, there’s only so much the Googles and Twitters of the world can do.

Don’t Be Content with Your Content

You may have built the world’s greatest PPC campaigns, but if your content doesn’t meet the same standard, your clients will inevitably drop off at or near the final stages of a conversion. Therefore, before you even begin working on any online advertising, you’ll want to shore up the content on all of your websites, including your social media platforms and landing pages. Make sure that the content on your sites is friendly, navigable, and scannable. Potential customers are not likely to dedicate huge swaths of time reading through the precise details of your copy, so lay it out in an “F-pattern” with short paragraphs and bullet points wherever possible. Focus on main points and solutions rather than fluffy content that your audience will disregard anyway.

The tone of these various content assets should vary; the messaging should not. You should still be encouraging potential customers to follow similar paths to sales and conversions, and your brand message should be consistent throughout. Sending users mixed messages results in confusion and a breakdown of brand identity. Once this occurs, your potential customers will quickly jump ship in favor of one of your competitors.

If You Build It…

Many people expect to haphazardly build their PPC campaigns and then lean back in their La-Z-Boys as the conversions come rolling in. Reality check: it’s not that simple. In order for online advertising efforts to reach their maximum potential, they have to fit into the larger strategy of your overall marketing efforts.

Successful online advertising depends on a synthesis of mobile-friendly websites that facilitate user engagement across the spectrum of online mediums. For instance, if your ad copy doesn’t coordinate with the copy of your landing pages, you will receive a low Quality Score, which will damage your page ranking regardless of your budget and frantic bid adjustments. Further, page ranking also depends on keywords that drive traffic by capturing users at an affordable rate. Once those keywords prompt impressions on a given search engine results page (SERP), YouTube video, or Tweet, your ad copy must grab their attention with the promise of relevant legal services that are easy to obtain.

To that end, your landing pages must be easily scannable, contain pertinent information, and include a simple conversion form for new clients. We guarantee that you will not begin seeing real results until every aspect of your online marketing machine is firing on all cylinders. Then, and only then, will you begin to build brand awareness and establish trust among your potential clients.

They Will Come

If you stick to the plan, there’s a good chance that the initial stages of your paid advertising campaigns will run smoothly and produce a quality return on investment. However, the job doesn’t end once the leads, conversions, and new clients start pouring in. Campaigns should always be closely monitored and the analytics tirelessly examined.

Your campaigns should be properly segmented according to the various demographics of your audience. This will help you see exactly who you want to target and build distinct client personas to pursue. Many lawyers depend on their intuitions (AKA assumptions) about who interacts with them online, but this is an enormous mistake. The numbers remove guesswork from the equation so the facts can emerge. Even when presented with the fact, many people still attempt to skew the information to align with their confirmation biases. Once presented with the actual figures, your successes and failures will ultimately depend on the level of credence you give to the facts staring you in the face.

See It Through

Even if your campaigns seem solid from top to bottom and are supported by your other seamless marketing assets, there is no guarantee of immediate success. Unfortunately, sometimes effective marketing of your firm comes down to nothing more than trial and error. Make an attempt, check the results, and then head back to the drawing board. There’s likely a flaw somewhere, and it’s up to your work with the analytics to discover it. It can be a frustrating and thankless task, but when you finally break through, it will all be worth it. Just stay the course and don’t abandon all of your hard work just because the Internet hasn’t yet bathed you in marketing riches.


Kyle McCarthy

Kyle McCarthy is an experienced and skillful content strategist who earned his MA in English literature in 2012. Since then, he has worked with several national brands implementing marketing strategies and delivering compelling content.