should you ask employees to write a review

Should You Ask Your Employees to Write a Company Review?

By Kyle McCarthy | September 19, 2018

Asking employees to write and post company reviews is a common practice that can give consumers and employers alike insight into how a business functions,…

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LaFleur Community Involvement with Samaritas

LaFleur and Samaritas Residents Have a Blast in the Rain

By Kyle McCarthy | September 18, 2018

In late July, several members of the LaFleur Marketing team spent a rain-soaked evening hosting a fun event for seniors living at Samaritas Senior Living…

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Elevator Pitch

Going Up? Crafting a Strong Elevator Pitch

By Kyle McCarthy | September 15, 2018

Writing an elevator pitch is an important first step in understanding your business model and conveying your company’s purpose and mission to the outside world…

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LaFleur Marketing Has Been Named a “Good for Grand Rapids” Business

By Kyle McCarthy | September 11, 2018

At LaFleur, we deliver customized, holistic marketing solutions to our clients, and we take pride in the results we achieve. To consistently deliver outstanding work…

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Google Listing Optimization

Get Your Google Listing to Show Up with LaFleur

By Pat Kose | September 4, 2018

By adopting and maintaining a more active approach to your Google business listing, you could increase the number of people who view your website by…

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LaFleur Marketing content-team

Labor of Love: The LaFleur Team Celebrates Their Dedication to Our Company and Clients

By Kyle McCarthy | August 30, 2018

Chip LaFleur — President Creating LaFleur and orchestrating its growth over the last several years has truly been a labor of love for the entire…

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Legal Blog Writing Tips

Heads Up! 4 Ways to Write Great Headlines for Your Legal Blog

By Steven Thomas Kent | August 27, 2018

We’ve probably all done it at some point (I’ll fess up, at least). I’m talking about sharing an article on social media without reading the…

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Video Campaigns

Maximizing the ROI of Video Campaigns Throughout the Sales Funnel

By Kyle McCarthy | August 24, 2018

For SEO purposes, written content is hard to beat. But high-quality video engages with your audience and creates deeper connections with potential buyers. Most online…

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Digital Marketing Legal Website

Influence Your Potential Clients’ Decisions Through Strategic Digital Marketing

By Leigh Ebrom | August 21, 2018

Your Clients Use the Internet to Make Decisions Legal prospects are increasingly reliant on the internet for information about law firms and legal services, which…

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Healthcare Event Planning

Event Planning Best Practices for Healthcare Organizations

By Jane Newton | August 15, 2018

Hosting events is a great way for your healthcare organization to get in front of a captive audience and tell your story. Regardless of whether…

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Becky Zobl

10 Minutes With LaFleur Project Manager Becky Zobl

By Steven Thomas Kent | August 1, 2018

Becky Zobl joined the LaFleur team in mid-2018 as a project and account manager. A West Michigan native and graduate of the communications program at…

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Conversions and KPIs

Crucial Conversions and KPIs You Should Track for Your Content

By David VandeWaa | July 27, 2018

You Have a Content Marketing Strategy — Great! But Is It Working? Consistently creating fresh, relevant content is great, but how can you tell if…

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ppc setup screenshot predefined reports

Bright, Shiny, and New: Interpreting and Utilizing the New Google Ads Interface and Functionality

By Sowmya Padigi | July 24, 2018

When I was a newbie at Google in 2006, the AdWords interface was already a few years old. Since then, I have seen lots of…

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Getting to Know Our Customers — Thad Cummings

By Pat Kose | July 19, 2018

As you might know, the third Thursday of each quarter is “Get to Know Your Customers Day.” (The origins of this holiday are murky, but…

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Influencer Marketing for Law Firms

Is Influencer Marketing Helpful for Law Firms?

By Steven Thomas Kent | July 18, 2018

In the digital marketing world, “influencer marketing” has become an almost inescapable buzz word over the last few years. If you’re familiar with the term…

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