Now Is the Time to Capitalize on Bing Ads

If you feel like your Google AdWords campaign has peaked, now might be the time to move to Bing Ads. Since the launch of the Windows 10 update, Bing has received approximately 21% of the national search volume, while Yahoo’s has dropped to 12%, which shows the increasing viability of Microsoft’s search engine. And as a search engine becomes more viable, their advertising placement becomes more lucrative.

While Bing Ads still has a ways to go in truly competing with Google AdWords, a quick comparison of personal injury keywords provides a snapshot of where they currently sit. The same keyword that should expect roughly 2,400 impressions on Google AdWords will likely receive around 500 impressions on Bing Ads. Now, that is obviously a major difference in traffic, but Bing has made definite strides with their paid search since the search engine’s inception and has shown to be extremely cost effective in the legal vertical.

3 Reasons Your Law Office Will Love Bing:

  • Cost per Click – Did you feel your heart rate shoot through the roof when your marketing partner suggested an initial budget for Google AdWords? The search engine behemoth can be a bit expensive, and while Bing can’t match Google’s usage rate, your firm can benefit from this powerful search engine at a fraction of the cost. In fact, Bing Ads are usually about 35% cheaper than ads on the Google Network. For those law offices that are trying to augment their existing paid campaign or finally launching their first, this is an incredibly cost-effective option.


  • Household Income – Roughly 33% of the Bing user’s household income exceeds $100,000. Though income is not always the sole metric of a good client, it does tend to indicate higher quality leads. Additionally, according to Bing, 44% of their users are also married, making it an ideal platform for those law offices focusing on family law.Household Income
  • Granular Control and Targeting Options – For smaller, localized firms, Bing Ads offers more granular controls at both the campaign and ad group levels. For example, Bing allows users the ability to assign variable scheduling based on time zone, which translates into more direct targeting. The platform also provides bid adjustment by user device, which means that you can more aggressively target specific demographics.

Adapting a Strategic Outlook

Paid advertising through Bing Ads (or Google AdWords, for that matter) is a tactic, not an overall strategy. We would never advise a law firm to invest in a paid advertising tactic until they had established an overall strategy based on content marketing. Conversions occur when and where entertaining and engaging content is consumed. Therefore, Bing Ads should be used in coordination with a content strategy that is steeping in media.

Paid strategies should always be bolstered by a strong content marketing strategy. Without good content, your paid advertising results will be mediocre at best. That said, if you’re looking for optimal ROI through paid search, Bing Ads is beginning to level the playing field.

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