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legal marketing infographic

Legal Marketing 101: Download the Newest In-Depth Resource from LaFleur!

LaFleur is proud to introduce our new in-depth infographic, “Legal Marketing 101”!

“Legal Marketing 101” provides a crash course in digital marketing fundamentals for law firms, complete with surprising statistics, practical tips, and succinct explanations of mission-critical marketing concepts. This valuable resource answers the basic questions many attorneys have about marketing and shows you how the individual components of a marketing campaign, including content, SEO, email marketing, and more, fit together to form something greater than the sum of their parts.

Because of the comprehensive nature of this infographic, we’re distributing it via PDF download rather than uploading an image here directly. By following this link and filling out the brief form on that page, you can receive your free copy of “Legal Marketing 101.”

Enjoy “Legal Marketing 101,” and if you’d like to give us feedback on the infographic or learn what we can do for your business as a full-service legal marketing partner, just call us at 888-222-1512 or fill out the quick online contact form on this page.