Getting to Know Our Customers — Thad Cummings

As you might know, the third Thursday of each quarter is “Get to Know Your Customers Day.” (The origins of this holiday are murky, but everyone at least agrees on the date.) If you’ve not appropriately marked your calendar, I encourage you to do so.

To get into the spirit, I thought I would take the occasion to get to know one of our clients a little better. I sat down with Thad Cummings of the Changing Company to pick his brain on topics ranging from the books he has authored to the ever-controversial matter of pineapple as a pizza topping. [Death before pineapple! — Ed.]

One of our newer clients, Thad began working with us only about a month ago. We currently manage his social media advertising campaigns to help him promote his books and speaking engagements. Thad’s needs and circumstances are a little different than most of our clients, so it will be exciting to see his business develop.

Even if you’re passionate about client and customer relations, the fast-paced environment of business in the digital age often reduces a client to an email address and an invoice. That’s why it was especially nice to talk with a client about something other than budgets, deliverables, and results.

I hope conversations like these will help me develop as an account manager and build stronger relationships with our clients, but if nothing else I now know that our client Thad Cummings is a fan of Sean Connery. And that’s worth something too.