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Digital Marketing for Law Firms: Our Comprehensive Guide

At LaFleur, we’re committed to educating and empowering law firms. We publish blogs, webinars, newsletters, and podcasts that teach lawyers and law firms about digital marketing, branding, and other tools that can boost their practices and help them capture the right leads. Now, we’ve taken it a step further: we wrote a book.

Digital Marketing for Law Firms: The Secrets to Getting More Clients and Better Cases, published by Trial Guides, is our comprehensive guide to legal digital marketing. We’re incredibly proud of this resource, and we hope you’ll find it to be a powerful tool.

Keep reading to learn why we wrote the book — and what’s inside!

Turning Decades of Experience Into a Legal Marketing Treatise

Chip LaFleur founded our agency with a not-so-simple mission: to provide exceptional, data-driven marketing strategies to law firms and act as their partner, educating and empowering legal professionals. Since then, we’ve helped firms across the country harness the power of digital marketing, helping them build their brands and get better cases.

Our approach is grounded in four core values:

  1. We commit to excellence: At LaFleur, we’re a driven team of lifelong learners. We take immense pride in our work and our commitment to our clients. We are responsive, creative, and tireless.
  2. We invest in what matters: LaFleur sees itself as part of a greater community that includes our team, neighbors, and those in need. We do our best to respect our teams’ health, wellness, and personal needs. We also give back to the community with our time, skills, and financial support.
  3. We value relationships: We’re committed to building lasting relationships with both our employees and clients. LaFleur believes that transparency, mutual respect, and shared goals are essential to building these bonds.
  4. We act in good faith: You should never have to doubt your marketing agency’s motivations. At LaFleur, we believe that honesty and integrity are paramount.

Our first published book is a reflection of these values and our approach to digital marketing.

Chip and the LaFleur team worked tirelessly on Digital Marketing for Law Firms, taking our decades of shared experience and perspective and turning it into an easy-to-use resource that explains complex concepts like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, website development, and organic search engine optimization (SEO) in plain English. It’s also filled with real-world examples, checklists, and samples that help inform and improve any law firm’s digital marketing plan.

What You’ll Find in Digital Marketing for Law Firms

You’ve probably experienced a client or jury’s epiphany when you’re able to clearly explain a complex legal theory or fact pattern to them. Suddenly, they can see the circumstances clearly and make better decisions. Our book aims to do the same thing for legal marketing.

From the essentials of branding to evaluating how your key performance indicators (KPIs) impact your return on investment, Digital Marketing for Law Firms guides readers through the essential elements of any well-built marketing plan. The 436-page book covers a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Legal branding
  • Identifying your firm’s target audiences
  • Website design and development
  • Building content strategies
  • Social media
  • Newsletters and email automation
  • Networking and brand ambassadorship
  • Paid advertising
  • Data analytics

Rather than just churning out marketing jargon, which can rival legalese in its complexity, we carefully walk readers through each step, using a fictional law firm and its clients to help illustrate our strategies and tactics. The book also contains a roughly 20-page glossary that defines and explains most of the marketing terms you’ll encounter as you construct your firm’s digital presence.

Digital Marketing for Law Firms was a labor of love,” says Chip. “Our team has seen first-hand how the right lawyer can positively change a client’s life. Unfortunately, many lawyers don’t know how to maximize their marketing investments and miss out on these opportunities. We’ve worked hard to educate the law firms we partner with, but the book lets us reach a much broader audience.”

Advice for Both DIY Marketers and Law Firms in Search of an Agency Partner

Your law firm deserves more than a one-size-fits-none website and marketing plan. Instead, your marketing solutions should be tailored to your precise needs and goals. For some firms and sole practitioners, that might mean DIY marketing — using your in-house resources to create content, nurture leads, and build a client experience. As you grow, however, you may find that hiring a marketing partner makes more sense.

Our book serves both populations (and everyone in between) by explaining legal marketing best practices, showing examples of what (and what not) to do, and discussing “red flags” that indicate a marketing agency isn’t acting in your firm’s best interest. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to accurately assess your internal marketing capacity, build effective strategies, and select the best digital marketing partners.

“At LaFleur, we reject the ‘smoke and mirrors’ approach to agency-client relationships,” notes Chip. “While there’s an art and science to digital marketing, many of the fundamentals are easy to understand, once someone’s taken the time to explain them properly to you. I know that when lawyers get these fundamentals, they can make significantly better decisions, invest more wisely, and select the best possible agencies for their goals and budget.”

Ready to Boost Your Marketing Reach? Connect With LaFleur

In addition to ordering Digital Marketing for Law Firms, you can always reach out directly to the LaFleur team. We can answer your questions about your legal marketing plan, suggest ways to improve its reach, and educate you about our approach and solutions. To reach Chip and the team, you can either complete our online form or call us at (888) 222-1512.