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Digital Marketing From A to Z: A Dictionary by LaFleur

Digital Marketing Glossary

The digital marketing world can seem like a steaming, impenetrable jungle of jargon if you’re new to the game (and sometimes even if you’re not). Fear not, because we’re about to throw you a machete. We’ve put together a comprehensive glossary of digital marketing terms, explained in plain English. Bookmark this page and return whenever…

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10 Minutes With LaFleur Project Manager Becky Zobl

Becky Zobl

Becky Zobl joined the LaFleur team in mid-2018 as a project and account manager. A West Michigan native and graduate of the communications program at Grand Valley State University, Becky journeyed to Los Angeles and worked in the fashion industry after college. She then spent time at a law firm in Chicago before coming full…

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Is Influencer Marketing Helpful for Law Firms?

Influencer Marketing for Law Firms

In the digital marketing world, “influencer marketing” has become an almost inescapable buzz word over the last few years. If you’re familiar with the term at all, it probably conjures up images of twentysomething lifestyle gurus posing on Instagram with beauty products or bottled smoothies made from whatever counts as a superfood this week. Like…

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10 Minutes With Project Manager Catherine Smyka


Catherine Smyka joined LaFleur at the beginning of 2018 as the team’s project manager. Previously, she managed accounts and projects at FCB Global in Chicago; before that, she worked as a staff writer and project manager at The Stranger, Seattle’s irreverent alternative newspaper. Catherine is also an LGBT activist and an accomplished writer and storyteller…

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10 Minutes With Social Media Specialist Jason Brower

Jason Brower joined LaFleur as the company’s first full-time social media specialist in March of 2018. Before linking up with LaFleur, Jason earned a business degree from Grand Valley State University and then worked for two local minor league sports teams, the Grand Rapids Griffins and the West Michigan Whitecaps. While working with the Whitecaps,…

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Marketing Your Mediation Practice Online: A LaFleur Guide

Image of a Toolkit

The Mediator Controls the Message If you’re a professional mediator or an attorney who’s trying to establish a mediation practice, you probably don’t have a particularly high public profile. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing because it means you have an incredible amount of control over the information that people will find when they…

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