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10 Minutes With LaFleur Accountant Erika Ondersma

Erika Ondersma

Erika Ondersma partners with LaFleur to help us crunch the numbers. A Grand Rapids, Michigan, native and accounting graduate from Western Michigan University, Erika has worked with businesses that range from established corporations to scrappy startups and non-profits. She finds joy in the perfect logic of a tidy balance sheet, and she sat down with…

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10 Minutes With LaFleur Project Coordinator Rosemarie Falsetta

Rosemarie Falsetta

Rosemarie Falsetta joined LaFleur in 2019 as a project coordinator. An avid organizer and list-lover, her mission is to bring order to chaos and help the LaFleur team turn ideas into concrete projects with timelines and structures. A native of Lansing, Michigan, and a graduate of Hope College in Holland, she spent time as a political intern in Washington D.C. before launching her…

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10 Minutes With LaFleur Video Editor Liz Morrison

Liz Morrison

Liz Morrison joined the LaFleur team full-time in 2019 after partnering with us as a freelancer. A videographer with almost a decade of experience, she loves crafting visual narratives that highlight our clients’ unique stories. Before she came to LaFleur, Liz received her bachelor’s degree in graphic design and photography from Kendall College of Art…

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10 Minutes With LaFleur Designer Kristin Zuller

Kristin Zuller

Kristin Zuller joined the LaFleur team in 2019 as a designer, illustrator, and lettering artist. A Grand Rapids, Michigan, native and lifelong lover of all things visual and artistic, Kristin studied visual communications at Kendall College of Art and Design before launching her career as a designer. With more than 15 years of experience in…

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10 Minutes With LaFleur Content Specialist Becca Barth

Becca Barth Content Specialist at LaFleur

Becca Barth joined the LaFleur team in early 2019 as a content specialist. A longtime lover of the written word, Becca earned her bachelor’s degree in web design and development from Davenport University. Afterward, she realized she needed to reconnect with her passion for writing and weave it into her career, which led her to…

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10 Minutes With LaFleur Content Specialist Amy Hinman

LaFleur Content Specialist Amy Hinman

Amy Hinman joined the LaFleur team in January 2019 as a full-time content specialist. Before coming to LaFleur, she studied writing and Spanish at Grand Valley State University and then worked at various companies doing in-house design and marketing communications. Amy is a published short story writer, poet, and essayist, and she loves the written…

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10 Minutes With LaFleur Web Developer Stuart Pearman

developer Stuart Pearman

Stuart Pearman entered the world of web development while he was getting his undergraduate degree in media and information at Michigan State University. He started developing as a way to make his own tools and enhance his designs, but before long, he found that he loved web development for its own sake. After graduating with…

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10 Minutes With LaFleur Senior Strategist Dale Engelbert


Dale Engelbert got her start in the wine industry as a wine-growing expert before she transitioned into healthcare marketing, where she worked in marketing communications and product development. From there, she made a connection with Chip LaFleur and joined the LaFleur team in 2019 as our senior strategist. Dale’s diverse range of experiences, which include…

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