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3 Foundational Legal Marketing Strategies You Need to Know

legal marketing strategy, law firm marketing plan, legal digital marketing

Most law firms already have a website that features information about their firm and practice areas. But not all of them are optimized for conversions and search. Your website needs to be functional and easy to find, and it also needs to give potential clients an accurate representation of your firm. Think your website passes…

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When Digital Marketing Plans Fail, Reboot for Success

digital marketing strategy

You spent countless hours developing your marketing plan, but now it’s not working out as you expected. Don’t waste your efforts by scrapping the whole plan and starting over, or worse, giving up. Instead, take time to evaluate what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to be adjusted. Here, the team at LaFleur explains how…

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How to Run Timely, Effective Social Media Campaigns on a Budget

social media on a budget

Social media is still emerging as a viable paid advertising platform, especially for service-related industries like law, healthcare, and marketing. Many marketers hesitate to invest digital ad budgets on social media, but paid social media advertising campaigns, when done right, can deliver impressive returns on limited budgets. In this article, we’ll discuss how to plan,…

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Why Should My Law Firm Invest in Digital Marketing?

benefits of digital marketing

Law firms face a highly competitive and often saturated marketplace when it comes to collecting leads and converting them into cases. Sometimes, it seems like the bigger firms can simply outspend the little guys and get the cases and clients they want, whether the arena is television spots and billboards or the web.  So, can smaller law firms still use online marketing to…

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What Is Connected TV and How Is It Changing Traditional Advertising? 

OTT Advertising

Connected TV is quickly becoming the preferred viewing method and will likely eclipse cable in the near future. According to the Leichtman Research Group, 74% of U.S. households currently use at least one connected TV device, which has created entirely new marketing and advertising opportunities. But what exactly is connected TV and how is it changing traditional advertising? What Is Connected TV? If…

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