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Stop Believing These 4 Myths About How to Build a Good Website

how to build a good website

Creating a thriving business in today’s day and age depends on having a successful web presence — the key word being “successful.” It’s not enough to throw together a website and assume it will work the way you want it to. Many clients come to us with misconceptions about website builds, in some cases because…

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7 Questions to Ask When Reviewing Your Digital Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing Plan

Is your current digital marketing plan not producing the results you expected, or did you fail to set expectations in the first place? To lay a foundation that establishes a clear direction for your business, you need a marketing plan that includes goals, strategies, tactics, key performance indicators, and proven evaluation techniques. Regardless of your…

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10 Minutes With LaFleur Content Marketing Director Steven Thomas Kent

steven thomas kent

Steven Kent joined LaFleur in 2015 as a content strategist and was promoted to content marketing director in 2019. He works with a passion for illuminating issues through exceptional content. Steven oversees content creation and strategy for a wide range of clients, and he also hosts and produces the LaFleur podcast, Legal Marketing Radio. As…

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Building Your Marketing Funnel, Part 1: Creating Brand Awareness

How to Create Brand Awareness

As a consumer, you’re often bombarded with choices for every service and product you could possibly want or need. As a business, you have to develop ways to make those services and products stand out. Attracting your potential customers’ attention can be challenging, which is why having a great brand awareness strategy is so essential.…

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3 Foundational Legal Marketing Strategies You Need to Know

legal marketing strategy, law firm marketing plan, legal digital marketing

Most law firms already have a website that features information about their firm and practice areas. But not all of them are optimized for conversions and search. Your website needs to be functional and easy to find, and it also needs to give potential clients an accurate representation of your firm. Think your website passes…

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When Digital Marketing Plans Fail, Reboot for Success

digital marketing strategy

You spent countless hours developing your marketing plan, but now it’s not working out as you expected. Don’t waste your efforts by scrapping the whole plan and starting over, or worse, giving up. Instead, take time to evaluate what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to be adjusted. Here, the team at LaFleur explains how…

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How to Run Timely, Effective Social Media Campaigns on a Budget

social media on a budget

Social media is still emerging as a viable paid advertising platform, especially for service-related industries like law, healthcare, and marketing. Many marketers hesitate to invest digital ad budgets on social media, but paid social media advertising campaigns, when done right, can deliver impressive returns on limited budgets. In this article, we’ll discuss how to plan,…

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Why Should My Law Firm Invest in Digital Marketing?

benefits of digital marketing

Law firms face a highly competitive and often saturated marketplace when it comes to collecting leads and converting them into cases. Sometimes, it seems like the bigger firms can simply outspend the little guys and get the cases and clients they want, whether the arena is television spots and billboards or the web.  So, can smaller law firms still use online marketing to…

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