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How Will Voice Search Impact My Digital Marketing Strategies?

voice search digital marketing

If you don’t use a virtual assistant like Alexa, Siri, or Cortana, you’re increasingly outnumbered. Many people, especially millennials, have adopted voice search as part of their daily life. Some experts think that the usage of voice search will increase exponentially over the next several years, far surpassing the current rate of growth. However, voice…

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Common Marketing Agency Client Complaints and How We Respond 

handling client complaints

At LaFleur, we pride ourselves on our open communication and transparency with clients. That means we get a lot of great questions and the occasional complaint. When this happens, we listen to our client’s concern, analyze relevant data, and create solutions to meet their needs. Below, we outline some of our clients’ most common concerns…

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Merit Badge? Rethinking the Role of Badges on Your Law Firm’s Website

Law firm badges

There’s a good chance your law firm’s website contains a series of badges that tout your Martindale-Hubbell AV rating and other accomplishments. You’ve probably also received notices that you’ve qualified for other badges that aren’t peer-reviewed or are “pay-to-play.” While law firm badges may appeal to some your ideal clients and reaffirm your stature and…

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TIL: Digital Marketing FAQs and How They Impact Your Law Firm

legal marketing, digital marketing

Most lawyers understand the need for a robust marketing strategy in today’s competitive economy. However, many attorneys still struggle to find time to dedicate to digital marketing. Even if you don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of every digital marketing tactic, however, you can still benefit from knowing the answers to common…

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LaFleur Teams With KaBOOM! to Help Build New Park in Grand Rapids

Kaboom Volunteer Day

As part of our community outreach initiative, LaFleur recently partnered with KaBOOM! and a group of community volunteers to rebuild a park and playground on the site of an historic school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Within 48 hours, the team cleared the land, constructed a modern playground, and welcomed community members to the new park.…

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Influence Your Potential Clients’ Decisions Through Strategic Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Legal Website

Your Clients Use the Internet to Make Decisions Legal prospects are increasingly reliant on the internet for information about law firms and legal services, which means your potential clients are already researching you online. But simply publishing a website isn’t enough to engage today’s more sophisticated audiences. You need a robust, multi-platform marketing strategy that…

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Help Yourself! Where Customer Service and Digital Marketing Overlap

Customer Service

Nothing can replace human interaction, especially when someone has questions about serious legal or medical issues. However, digital marketing and customer service functions frequently intersect, and collaboration between these two functions can boost your lead generation, improve your clients’ experiences, and encourage retention. Whether you have a massive customer service department, or your legal assistant…

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Tyson’s Place: How Building a Better Website Helps Everyone

Tyson's Place LaFleur Marketing Volunteer

At LaFleur Marketing, we love our furry family members. It’s not uncommon to find a dog or two or three at the office. Because we understand the deep connection between animals and people, we were honored to work with Tyson’s Place, a Michigan animal rescue organization. Together, we developed a new and improved website for…

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How to Write Great Legal Content

legal content

Writing Great Legal Content That Drives Prime Leads Lawyers are constantly writing documents, briefs, and memos, so they’re familiar with writing great content for the legal sphere. Yet, while you might be a skilled legal writer, marketing content requires a different set of skills. Keep reading to learn how you can improve your website content…

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