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How to Adjust Your Legal Marketing Budget for Seasonal Fluctuations

law firm seasonal business

Many law firms experience slow seasons and learn how to plan their business around them. However, they sometimes forget to adjust their marketing strategies to match. If your marketing tactics and budget don’t align with the cyclical nature of your practice, you may be wasting time and resources. At LaFleur, we know you need different…

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How Lead Generation and Tracking Can Improve Your Marketing ROI

Every business wants more leads. According to the 2018 State of Inbound survey, 69% of businesses consider converting leads into customers as a top priority. Further, 56% of North American businesses want to improve the efficiency of their sales and marketing funnels. However, 61% of those surveyed noted that generating traffic and leads are one…

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Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs a Blog

Healthcare Blog

Today’s healthcare users must navigate an increasingly complex ecosystem. However, many of them lack the skills and knowledge they need to make educated decisions about their care and insurance options. It’s no surprise that many of them head to our favorite resource for answers: the internet. In 2013, 72% of internet users searched the web…

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Don’t Be the Caillou of Legal Marketing

Legal Marketing

Full disclosure: I can’t stand most children’s television. However, if you have a kid, it’s inevitable. After nearly seven years of parenting, I’ve gotten my fill. Thankfully, I think my era of PJ Masks, The Lion Guard, and Paw Patrol is coming to a blissful end as he’s now reached the age of Pokémon cards…

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Here’s Why Your Local Small Business Needs a Website

Local Small Business Websites

Today’s small and local business environment is increasingly competitive. You need to be agile, responsive, and connected to your community. You might feel that adding a professional optimized website to the mix sounds overwhelming, especially when a portion of your customers never click on your links. You’re probably wrong. The benefits of a website rebuild…

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Play Is a Human Right! LaFleur Helps Children’s Healing Center and H.U.G.S. Ranch Advance Their Missions

LaFleur Volunteers at Childrens Healing Center Grand Rapids

At LaFleur, we believe that every child deserves time to play, create, explore, and find peace. We’re not alone; the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights considers play a fundamental right of every child. That’s because unstructured, child-driven play strengthens children’s cognitive, social, and executive skills in ways that other activities can’t. In May…

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Summer Reading List: Top Marketing Books for Lawyers

Legal Marketing Books

If you’re like most lawyers, you’ve probably wanted to learn more about marketing for a while. Relaxing summer days are the perfect time to catch up on your reading. This year, rather than packing a historical biography or mystery novel in your carry-on or beach bag, why not grab a legal marketing book? The team…

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How In-Home Smart Speakers and Devices Are Changing Marketing

Smart Speaker Marketing

At my house, I can turn on the oven with a simple voice command. I turn the lights off and on the same way. I’ll even ask my digital assistant for cooking directions when my hands are full. While this voice-activated functionality might have sounded cutting-edge only a few years ago, it’s increasingly common for…

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How Will Voice Search Impact My Digital Marketing Strategies?

voice search digital marketing

If you don’t use a virtual assistant like Alexa, Siri, or Cortana, you’re increasingly outnumbered. Many people, especially millennials, have adopted voice search as part of their daily life. Some experts think that the usage of voice search will increase exponentially over the next several years, far surpassing the current rate of growth. However, voice…

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