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Chatbots Are the Future, and the Future Is Now


At this point, chatbots have proven themselves as valuable marketing assets that represent the future of online messaging. However, far too many businesses still hesitate to implement chatbots out of fear they’ll seem impersonal and alienate customers, despite research that shows 45% of end users prefer chatbots as the primary mode of communication for customer…

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Learn the Fundamentals of Google Paid Search Campaigns

google paid search

I was speaking with one of my colleagues at LaFleur recently when he asked if we’d ever written a blog on the fundamentals of paid search with Google Ads. Initially, I responded, “Of course! In fact, I’m pretty sure we write some version of that blog at least once each year.” When I went back…

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How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy for Open Enrollment

Healthcare Marketing Content Strategy

Does Your Healthcare Marketing Team Have an Effective Content Marketing Strategy in Place for Open Enrollment? For healthcare organizations (HMOs, PPOs, independent hospitals, clinics, insurance carriers, etc.), open enrollment is like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Super Bowl all rolled into one — except with more planning and less cheer. Open enrollment is the culmination of…

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Should You Ask Your Employees to Write a Company Review?

should you ask employees to write a review

Asking employees to write and post company reviews is a common practice that can give consumers and employers alike insight into how a business functions, including their daily operations, their approach to ethics and sustainability, and the quality of their products and services. For employees, writing a review can help them gain perspective on what…

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LaFleur and Samaritas Residents Have a Blast in the Rain

LaFleur Community Involvement with Samaritas

In late July, several members of the LaFleur Marketing team spent a rain-soaked evening hosting a fun event for seniors living at Samaritas Senior Living of Grand Rapids. As part of our continued desire to make a positive impact in our community, more than half of our employees braved the elements to help put on…

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Going Up? Crafting a Strong Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

Writing an elevator pitch is an important first step in understanding your business model and conveying your company’s purpose and mission to the outside world (not to mention potential business partners and investors). It’s also an art form that has been sorely mistreated since its inception, leading to myriad missed opportunities. When done correctly, an…

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Maximizing the ROI of Video Campaigns Throughout the Sales Funnel

Video Campaigns

For SEO purposes, written content is hard to beat. But high-quality video engages with your audience and creates deeper connections with potential buyers. Most online consumers are more likely to watch a video than read a blog entry or webpage about a topic. Video provides a more powerful sensory experience for the user, and if…

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What Is Programmatic Advertising and How Does It Work?

What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is a term most marketers are familiar with but know very little about. Google AdWords (soon to be Google Ads) has dominated the paid digital advertising landscape for so long that most companies have been reluctant to allocate even a small portion of their marketing budget to new (and sometimes confusing) platforms. As…

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