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Event Planning Best Practices for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare Event Planning

Hosting events is a great way for your healthcare organization to get in front of a captive audience and tell your story. Regardless of whether you’re hosting a webinar, launch party, speaking engagement, or any other event, the goal is to create a fun and informative atmosphere that generates awareness of and further interest in…

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Building Trusting Partnerships With New and Existing Clients

trusting partnership

Building Trusting Partnerships with New and Existing Clients Here at LaFleur, we know cultivating successful and trusting partnerships with our clients is what will drive our clients’ successes. Our customers often tell us they are looking for someone they can trust to help grow their businesses, and we pride ourselves on being trustworthy, professional, and…

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When Marketing Your Law Firm, It’s Best to Begin at the Beginning

Legal Marketing Strategy

Are you advertising and distributing marketing content for your law firm without a clear marketing strategy? If you are, don’t worry. You’re not alone. In fact, 26% of marketers have no clear strategy in place. This means that more than a quarter of marketing professionals are blindly using valuable resources with no plan at all. 

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Does Your Marketing Plan Need a Second Opinion?

Marketing Plan

Do you have a marketing plan for your law firm? Do you have a budget set aside that is accurate and segmented by each section of that plan? What about goals and milestones you want your firm to reach? How are you currently reviewing your progress to diagnose your successes and failures? If you’re unsure…

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The Importance of Lead Tracking Within Legal Marketing

Lead Tracking

If you have a steady stream of potential clients visiting your website and referring others to your firm, that’s great! But do you know where they’re coming from? Can you track their interactions with your firm from their initial visit through the resolution of their legal issue? Most firms are don’t recognize the importance of…

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LaFleur Providing AMP Pages Free of Charge

AMP Pages for law firms

Note: This is the second in a series of posts to give you a deeper understanding of what you receive when you sign on with LaFleur Legal Marketing. One of our core values is transparency, and we want to make sure that each of our clients understands where and how their valuable marketing dollars are…

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3 Benefits of Live Chat

Live Chat

The scope and sphere of digital marketing can be a bit overwhelming. Generating web traffic, increasing phone calls, and bringing in quality leads is difficult enough, but then you also have to track all these measurements to gauge your shortcomings, successes, and new opportunities. With all the options available, it can be difficult to know…

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