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As an attorney with cases to win, a firm to run, and clients to take care of, you shouldn’t have to choose between your practice and your marketing. We’ve seen too many good lawyers get bogged down by marketing options and lose out on valuable opportunities.

When you need to start finding cases online, your website is the first thing potential leads will encounter.

LaFleur can help make sure your website is not just healthy, but exceptional.

Getting leads online starts with a great website. We’ll audit yours for free.

Lawyers either love or hate PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Many of you have been burned by advertising firms that make ambitious promises, but then burn through your budget with less-than-stellar results.

Core Web Vitals are some of the most valuable metrics that Google uses to determine website health and performance. When your website is optimized and at its best, it ranks better in search, and drives more potential clients to click and call. However, the Core Web Vitals update is new, so many legacy websites haven’t adjusted to the new parameters—meaning skilled attorneys are losing out on cases because of outdated digital standards.

We want to help you connect to your ideal clients online, which is why we’re offering you a free website audit. Our team of legal digital marketing experts will examine your site for:

Core Web Vitals:

Is your website performing according to the most up-to-date health metrics? Where are there opportunities to improve?

User experience:

Is your site designed with your ideal client in mind? What do they need to convert from a lead to a client?

ADA compliance:

All websites should be ADA compliant. What opportunities does your firm have to reach each and every potential client?


 Is your website performing Design isn’t just about pretty colors and nice images. It’s about defining your brand and standing out from the competition.


 Is your content focused on the needs of your clients? Where are there opportunities to meet their unique needs, perform well in terms of search engine optimization (SEO), and represent your brand well?

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Digital marketing that is transparent and agile

You’re already a successful attorney. You shouldn’t also have to be a digital marketing expert—that’s our job. We know many of you have been burned by advertising firms that make ambitious promises, but then burn through your budget with less-than-stellar results.

We’re here to earn your trust through communication, transparency, and a gritty determination to get results.

We apply a AAA process to everything we do:


We review your PPC campaigns’ performance and collect insights.


 Based on our findings, we’ll refine our tactics to improve their performance.


 As your campaigns build momentum, we’ll continually track their performance and make ongoing improvements.

At every step, we will consistently communicate with your law firm, giving you unparalleled transparency into your PPC ads’ performance and ROI. You’ll get clear budget recommendations, monthly reporting and insights, and detailed invoices. (And if you still have questions or concerns, our PPC experts will explain it all to you in plain English.)

Data-driven marketing, made simple

We’re data nerds, and proud of it. Our team continually tracks your website’s performance—not just its traffic, form fills, and conversions, but other metrics that matter, too. We understand how metrics like Domain Authority and Authority Score affect web health, and we want you to understand, too.

If you’re ready for a comprehensive look into your law firm’s digital health, you’re in the right place. There’s nothing the LaFleur team loves more than digging into the numbers and using them to create meaningful campaigns that turn clicks into clients. If you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to speak with you.

Get real transparency with LaFleur.

From the start, LaFleur has helped law firms become marketing successes. Our mission is to connect good lawyers with their ideal clients, and we work tirelessly to help firms like yours succeed. We’re proud of our work and are committed to transparency, data-driven methods, and long-term partnerships with our clients. If you’d like to learn more about our process and philosophy, call us at (888) 222-1512 or complete the form below.