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Back in 2014, our founder and president Chip LaFleur had a vision in which businesses worked in partnerships and employees were treated like friends. So, he politely exited his current agency position and took the exhilarating first steps toward his dream. Today, that dream is our reality.


What began as a small startup to help small- and medium-sized law firms with their basic marketing needs has since blossomed into an ever-growing group of experienced, skilled, and creative marketing professionals working together to exceed expectations for a wide range of clients located throughout the country, including law firms, healthcare organizations, and even other startups and entrepreneurs. Together, we work with determination and compassion to help our clients reach more customers and provide those clients with great service.


We are also committed to accepting only clients that we truly believe in. There can be a lot of gray area when practicing the law, delivering healthcare, or starting a new business, but we feel that honesty and ethics lead to trust and success. We strictly adhere to our core values and love working with like-minded firms, organizations, and individuals. 


If this sounds like the sort of marketing agency you’ve been looking for, contact us by filling out the form below to get this party started. We look forward to hearing from you!




Are you looking for more leads? Better brand exposure? To gain more 5-star reviews?

The best way to get to know how we can help you achieve your marketing and business growth goals is through a simple conversation.

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